Shiri Allwood Leads Trusting Alana Cruise Into The Haunted F

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Alana Cruise
Shiri Allwood
Hardcore Pornstars Shemale and Female Shemale Domination

Sexy blonde Shiri Allwood talks her friend Alana Cruise into breaking into a creepy abandoned house where a reclusive old pervert once lived. The girls are fascinated when they discover some kinky sex toys. Shiri becomes possessed with an unknown compelling energy that permeates the house. Alana is a little frightened, but trusts Shiri and willingly plays along with her friends desires. Shiri blindfolds Alana and soon has her friend over her knee, groping and spanking her butt cheeks. Being blindfolded is a turn-on for Alana and she forgets they are in a dark, musty old house. Shiri doesnt stop with the spanking. Her fingers reach underneath Alanas panties, fingering her pussy and playing with her asshole. Alanas moaning gets Shiri even more turned on, and makes her want more. Alana, still blindfolded, can feel Shiris mouth on her pussy. She can feel Shiris tongue caressing her clit. When Shiri commands Alana to undress completely, the spirit of the house compels Alana to willingly obey. She happily allows Shiri to attach nipple clamps to her tender breasts. When Alana is ordered to remove Shiris shoes, she soon finds herself kissing and worshiping Shiris bare feet and lick

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