The Audition Korra Del Rio Puts Young Model Bunny Colby To T

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Bunny Colby
Korra Del Rio
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Model Magazine Empress Korra Del Rio interviews prospective model Bunny Colby. Bunny is young, blonde, and eager to start her modeling career and become a star. Shes come to Korra because she knows Korra is the best. Shes willing to do anything for a big break and Korra delights in shaping young models and bringing out their potential. She tells Bunny to put on an outfit that countless other starlets have tried on. Excited, Bunny hurries to get everything on but once she realizes the outfit leaves her bare, she gets nervous. Korra promises they can work through her fears together and asks Bunny to trust her. Bunny agrees and takes Korras training to heart. Korra corrects her posture, teaches her how to pose strongly, and has her strip so she can perform a thorough inspection of Bunnys body. Once the inspection is complete, its time to test Bunnys endurance. Korra ties Bunny up and crops her sweet cunt. She places a rubber band around Bunnys feet and snaps it hard before sliding a finger into Bunnys pussy. Confused but undeterred, Bunny moans as Korra fingers her cunt before kneeling before her to get her mouth on her interviewees pussy. Korra uses a vibrator and her talent

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