Game On with Kitty and John

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Kitty Bell
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Kitty Bell and John Kilo can get competitive. So when John tries to distract Kitty during their game by teasing her, Kitty doesnt let it get to her. Taking her socks off! Shes still winning. Tickling! Not working. Spanking! Now were talking! Kitty loves to get rough, and when someone takes control, she melts into a moaning, writhing little fuck doll and loves every second of it. Thats worth pausing the game. John starts by sucking Kittys cock until she has a uncontrollable orgasm. Kitty loves when John plays with her hole and knows she needs to stretch it out before she can take it all - because she needs every inch. Kittys eyes roll back in absolute bliss from the hard pounding until John cums all over her back. Whos the winner! You are.

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