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Akaya Prime
American American Tgirl Big Cock Black

Akaya Prime is utterly gorgeous. Shes got a beautiful face, a stunning body, pretty much some of the best breasts youll see on the site, with enlarged dark nipples. Her thick thighs, large perfect butt, and lovely cock just keep on giving - but its her sex appeal that really gets Country Boi so excited. He cannot keep his hands off her, the touch and the feel of that firm giving body, and is soon teasing those nipples with his tongue, before sucking and licking her cock, and as she turns around, Country Boi parts her cheeks and tongues her sweet, smooth asshole eliciting moans from Akaya. She sucks on his big cock, as her cock strains and gets bigger, as she readies herself for what she really wants, what she really needs, his cock to be deep inside her, pumping and fucking her. An awesome set from Omar Wax.

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