Colour Me Pink

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Given her recent solos, I think were seeing what Caches favourite colors are. Shes here in a hot pink tight pants, that show the bulge and outline of her genitals through, a matching pink top and shes even matched her lips and eyes to the colour, for this really rather awesome set. Cache is seriously one horny girl. Wind her up, point her in the direction of some good cock, turn on the cameras and sit back and enjoy. Shes all over Country Boi, and as soon as shes got his big penis in her mouth, shes instantly hard and her own cock is straining to shoot off from her tight body. Some great fucking scenes, with her nipples looking ready to explode, bright and shiny, and her big cock dripping with shiny, pre-cum. Its early in the year, but its going to be hard to better this fantastic shoot.

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