The Thickness

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Amina Python
American American Tgirl Big Cock Black

Amina Python is one of our new starlets and shes looking fantastic here in her tight dress, which hugs tight to her body. Her glossed lips glisten, her eye lashes flutter, she gives the hint of a smile... and you just want to be on that bed with her... touching, kissing and feeling your way around this beauty. You grab her ass and pull her close, feeling her stiffness push into you, you slide your hand up her leg, to that smooth inner thigh, the wrinkle of her ball sack and you take her cock into your hard, but cant believe how thick it is. Your hand can barely fit around her girth as you slowly start to pull back and forward on her - her eyes widening as little gasps come from Amina and you feel her cock pulsating and getting harder and hotter.

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