Trans Swingers 02 - Brittney Kade Hatler Gurius

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Brittney Kade
Hatler Gurius
Anal Hardcore Pornstars

Hatler Gurius and Emma Rose, a couple, have been invited to swing by Brittney Kade and Alpha Wolfes house this evening. Brittney and Alpha have recently become friendly with Hatler and Emma. So friendly, in fact, that both couples have decided to upgrade from doubledating to coupleswapping!Hatler and Emma are excited and giddy when they arrive this is the first time that theyre experimenting with something like this so its no lie that theyre a teensy bit nervous. But the more experienced Brittney and Alpha soon take the lead, and before long, Brittneys giving Hatler a private tour of her bedroom while Alpha and Emma hang out downstairs. Brittney doesnt waste any time, peeling off her bra and tossing her panties aside, revealing her plump breasts and her hard cock. Hatler loves what he sees, and plunges in to get a taste. Brittney and Hatler have playful, energetic sex together, comfortable in the fact that their significant others are most likely doing the EXACT same thing in the other room...

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