Trans Girlfriend Experience 11 - Janie Blade Bryce Beckett

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Janie Blade
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Janie Blade is busy cooking in her kitchen, methodically sprinkling spices into a bubbling tomato sauce. Her partner, Bryce Beckett, comes in and takes her into his arms, commenting on how nice her food smells. Janie mentions that its pasta Pomodoro, his favorite! She knows that hes been craving it, she tells him as Bryce grinds up against her ass sensually. Craving it! Hes been craving HER, actually. Janie chuckles, saying that Bryce is making her horny. Shes finding it hard to concentrate on cooking when shes got this sexy hunk of a man pressed up against her. Bryce kisses her neck, seductively asking if maybe they should skip the main meal and move straight to dessert. Janie doesnt have to be asked twice. She giggles with delight as she leads Bryce to the bedroom, where she tosses off her apron and climbs into bed with him. They kiss deeply, their hips pressed against each other, getting ready for a sexual romp that is sure to satiate their hunger.

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